Ruisrock is committed to providing an easy access to the festival for everyone. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Ruisrock!

Ruisrock is located in Ruissalo in Turku surrounded by a nature reserve. The festival is organized in a park and field environment. Part of the site has an uneven terrain but most of the area has an asphalt or hard sand roadway through it. Asphalted road runs from the front of Niittylava to the beach. On the beach the asphalt turns into a hard, sand based roadway. The festival site also has a beach that has soft sand terrain in areas.

Getting to the festival

Festival site can be accessed on foot, by bike, by festival buses, and by taxi. Festival buses and taxis drop off at a festival bus station which is located about 2 km from the festival site. Festival site can be entered through the main gates and through a separate accessible entrance.

Accessible entrance to the festival is either by taxi for the disabled or by applying for personal parking permit for the accessible parking lot. Both the accessible parking lot and the drop off and pick up point for taxis for the disabled are located approximately 400 meters from the accessible entrance.

Instructions for applying for the parking permit for the accessible parking lot can be found below. Please notice, that the phone networks may get overloaded and the travel time might be longer than usual because of the large amount of people in the area. We recommend ordering a taxi for the disabled in advance for both ways, to and from the festival.

Accessible parking lot

Accessible parking lot is located approximately 400 meters from the accessible entrance. The parking lot is an asphalted parking lot with a limited number of accessible parking spaces. Accessible parking space can be applied with the disabled parking permit issued by Trafi / police.

Apply for the parking space by sending the following information by email to

  • date/dates, for which you are applying for the parking space
  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • registration number of the vehicle you are using to arrive at Ruisrock
  • permit number of the disabled parking permit
  • postal address, to which the parking permit will be mailed before the festival.

Please notice, that the parking space must be applied for in advance due to their limited number. Every application will be dealt with and replied to by week 25. Personal parking permit will be mailed the same week. The parking lot cannot be accessed without the personal driving permit.

Accessible entrance

Accessible entrance is located approximately 400 meters from the drop off and pick up point for taxis for the disabled and the accessible parking lot. The route to the accessible entrance is asphalt and hard dirt road. The accessible entrance can be used by visually impaired and hearing impaired, temporarily physically impaired, and people, whose mobility is limited due to disability. Pregnancy is not a reason to use a taxi for the disabled or the accessible entrance.


Assistants get in to Ruisrock for free with the assisted person who has bought a ticket. The assistant and the assisted may use the accessible entrance together when arriving to the site at the same time. The assistant does not need a separate ticket or get a wristband, but they must arrive to the festival simultaneously with the assisted every day. Other people besides the assistant may not enter through the accessible entrance with the assisted. On the entrance, there is a safety check, the festival tickets will be read electronically, and the general festival rules apply.

Please note, that the accessible entrance does not have ticket sales. The closest place selling tickets is located by the main gate, approximately 600 meters from the accessible entrance. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance. 

Saattajakortti assistant card

Turku region joint assistant card ‘saattajakortti’ is in use also at Ruisrock. The purpose of the card is to make exercising and visiting culture destinations easier for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The assistant card grants free entry to one assistant. The owner of the card chooses the assistant and is responsible for the competency of them. We recommend the people using the assistant card to arrive through the accessible entrance.

Accessibility Project 2012

Ruisrock ran an accessibility project in 2012 with an aim of making the festival even more accessible. The project received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.  Turun Kynnys ry acted as an expert consultant for the project.

Project was a success and widely praised. As a part of the project Ruisrock committed to ten accessibility promises that we improve every year.

The accessibility promises

We will:

  • build accessible viewing platforms to all big stages.
  • add more lights to the festival area.
  • add more toilets for the disabled.
  • improve the accessibility of arriving to the festival by organizing a disabled parking lot and by making the entry procedure clearer.
  • add the number of resting spots on the festival area.
  • hire general assistants to aid festival goers especially with accessibility issues.
  • improve the accessibility of our communication by creating a simplified text version of our web site.
  • train our personnel to be more aware of accessibility.
  • communicate about the festival’s accessibility more effectively and informatively.
  • promise to take accessibility into consideration at Ruisrock during the following years.

Accessibility work is long-term work and it is important for us, the organisers of Ruisrock, to keep developing it. If you have feedback or development suggestions for the accessibility of Ruisrock, please contact