Ruisrock is organized on the Ruissalo island which is mostly a protected nature reserve. There are many rare bird species and mammals nesting in the diverse and valuable nature of the area, surrounded by lush vegetation. It is important for Ruisrock to take care of the nature of Ruissalo, and we aim to create a setting where everyone can easily help us with this important work.

In the summer of 2016 Ruisrock joined the Ekokompassi environmental management system that can be used to develop the environmental work even more sustainable. Ekokompassi offers the tools that we can use to promote environmental protection and prevention of climate change in addition to taking responsibility for the environmental impact of the festival.

Few tips for a more sustainable festival weekend

  • Take with you as few containers and items as possible to the festival. Use reusable containers or at least packaging made of recyclable materials.
  • Sort your waste to the recycling containers. Do not litter!
  • Bring a water bottle. Bottles can be filled at the many water stations on site.
  • Make the most of the can deposits. Do not throw cans or bottles in the trash.
  • There are hundreds of toilets on site - please use them!

All food vendors use only biodegradable disposables. You can throw any leftover food together with plates, cups and cutlery to the brown biodegradable waste containers, located close to the food areas. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles can be recycled in the recycling stations on site. At the recycling points you can also recycle cardboard packaging, metal, glass, cardboard, cartons and paper. Recycling stations are located on the beach and near Niittylava. Rest of the waste produced on the festival is mostly burnable waste, for which the area has over 100 containers.

The serving areas have a deposit of one euro for alcoholic drink containers. When purchasing a drink, you will be charged a deposit which you will get back when returning the can. This way we will be able to recycle most of the cans and will avoid unnecessary waste.