liput tausta


3-day ticket 155 €
2-day ticket 135 €
1-day ticket 90 €

Camping tickets in Artukainen Camping:

Camping ticket 40 € | Camper ticket 25 € | 3-day ticket + camping 190 €

Camping tickets are sold in Tiketti.

All entry tickets will be read electronically at the festival gates. You can only enter once a day with your festival ticket so that the natural park of Ruissalo does not get overly strained by traffic.

Please note that neither the event organizer nor the ticket retailers are responsible for lost tickets and you cannot return or change ticket after purchase.

We reserve the right to make changes.



You can purchase Ruisrock tickets also at Ruis-kiosk which is located at Turku Market Square (Kauppatori) in the corner of Aurakatu and Yliopistonkatu streets. At the kiosk you can get answers to questions about Ruisrock and get tips on what to do and see at the festival.

The kiosk sells all Ruisrock ticket types and tickets to Artukainen Camping.

Kiosk accepts cash, bank cards, Visa Electron, Maestro, debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Tiketti gift cards, Virikeseteli payment vouchers, Tyky-Kuntoseteli+ payment vouchers, Smartum liikuntaseteli and kulttuuriseteli payment instruments, Smartum Saldo card, Kulttuuripassi payment method, Wellness Wallet, Ticket Mind&Body card, and Ticket Duo card.

Ruis-kiosk opening hours:

Mon-Fri at 11––18
Saturdays at 10––15
Sundays closed


Culture vouchers

You may purchase your Ruisrock presale tickets also with culture vouchers and cards. Please note that the culture benefits cannot be used on camping tickets, VIP or Ruisrock+ tickets as the tickets includes food or other things not covered by the benefit.

Check the website of the ticket seller to find out which culture benefits are accepted.


Age limits

Ruisrock does not have an age limit, but we recommend that children under 12 years old are accompanied by an adult. Under 7-year-olds get in for free with an adult who has a ticket.



Over 70-year-olds

Over 70-year-olds get in for free to Ruisrock on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get to travel for free on the water bus transportation from Turku city centre to the festival site and back on that day. Everyone who turns 70 this year is considered to be over 70 years old.

One-day ticket can be collected by showing an ID at Ruisrock-kiosk 3rd July onwards or at the Ruisrock accreditation point in Turku city center 6th July onwards. The accreditation point is located at Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel’s second floor lobby. The address of hotel Marina Palace is Linnankatu 32. The kiosk is located at Turku Market Square (Kauppatori).

The tickets do not have to be reserved or you do not have to inform about your arrival in advance.

If over 70-year-old has the need to bring an assistant to the festival, the festival office has to be contacted in advance about this. The office handles the requests individually. Please send information about the need of assistance to or call the Ruisrock office in + 358 44 9661384.



Experience Ruisrock with style, coated in VIP benefits. Arrive at the festival area conveniently with water bus transportation, refresh between shows in the champagne, cocktail and other special bars at the VIP area, and travel freely in and out of the festival site with a wristband. Shows on Niitty and Ranta stages can be viewed from the VIP area.

Limited amounts of all Ruisrock+ and VIP ticket types are now for sale in Tiketti.

Ruisrock VIP

3 day VIP 399 €€
Friday VIP 199 €€
Saturday VIP 239 €€
Sunday VIP 199 €

Ruisrock VIP ticket entitles entry to Ruisrock's VIP areas and the water bus transportation to Ruissalo and back. Additionally the packet includes buffet dining, private bars reserved for VIP guests, and water toilets. The ticket also includes a personal festival pass and wristband that allow going in and out of the festival site during the day. Read more on the VIP area below.


3 day Ruisrock+ 299 €€
Friday Ruisrock+ 149 €€
Saturday Ruisrock+ 169 €€
Sunday Ruisrock+ 149 €

Ruisrock+ ticket entitles entry to Ruisrock's VIP areas. Additionally the packet includes buffet dining, private bars reserved for VIP guests, and water toilets. The ticket also includes a personal festival pass and wristband that allow going in and out of the festival site during the day. Ruisrock+ ticket doesn't include the water bus shuttle.


Ruisrock+ and VIP tickets can be purchased at Tiketti. Every person buying a VIP ticket will receive an email with instructions on using the ticket two weeks before the festival at the latest. The tickets include buffet dining, which prevents using culture vouchers as a payment method.

Age limit

Age limit for VIP and Ruisrock+ tickets is 18 years. Children under the age of 12 can enter the VIP area with their parents as long as they have their own tickets. Under 7-year-olds get in for free with an adult who has a ticket. When picking up your festival pass from the accreditation point, please be prepared to show an ID to prove your age.

Picking up VIP tickets

Personal VIP or Ruisrock+ pass and wristband will be picked up from the Ruisrock accreditation point in Turku city centre. You will also receive your dining vouchers (1 voucher / day) at the same time.

Please remember to bring your ID as the pass will be given out only for the ID and a ticket. VIP and Ruisrock+ passes or wristbands will not be mailed out, and the ticket by itself is not valid for entry to the festival site or water bus transportation. Passes cannot be picked up in behalf of other people.

If you cannot attend Ruisrock, the ticket can be transferred to another person's name. If you wish to do this, please contact Change of name is only possible for Ruisrock+ and VIP tickets purchased from Tiketti. VIP tickets received through accreditation cannot be changed.

VIP areas

There are two VIP areas, Ranta-VIP located by the beach and Niitty-VIP located by the Niitty stage. Both of them are alcohol licensed areas with an age limit of 18 years of age. Cash and most popular payment cards are accepted payment methods in the areas.

The VIP areas are open according to the festival opening hours.

VIP buffet

Every VIP and Ruisrock+ bought includes one dining per day at the Ranta VIP buffet. The food vouchers will be received at the accreditation point when picking up the festival pass.