3-day ticket 165 €



Other ticket types and Artukainen Camping tickets come on sale later on.


All entry tickets will be read electronically at the festival gates. You can only enter once a day with your festival ticket so that the natural park of Ruissalo does not get overly strained by traffic.

Please note that neither the event organizer nor the ticket retailers are responsible for lost tickets and you cannot return or change ticket after purchase.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Age limits

Ruisrock does not have an age limit, but we recommend that children under 12 years old are accompanied by an adult. Under 7-year-olds get in for free with an adult who has a ticket.


Over 70-year-olds

Over 70-year-olds get in for free to Ruisrock on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get to travel for free on the water bus transportation from Turku city centre to the festival site and back on that day. Everyone who turns 70 in 2018 is considered to be over 70 years old.

The tickets do not have to be reserved or you do not have to inform about your arrival in advance.

If over 70-year-old has the need to bring an assistant to the festival, the festival office has to be contacted in advance about this. The office handles the requests individually. Please send information about the need of assistance to or call the Ruisrock office in + 358 44 9661384.