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British Charli XCX to Ruisrock

Ruis kiosk on Turku Market Square opens today – opening week full of activities 

British electro pop artist Charli XCX has confirmed to perform at Ruisrock. The singer rose to world fame with her album True Romance in 2013. Charli is best known for the song Boom Clap, which climbed the charts also in Finland. Having made music since the age of 14, the talent recently released a fresh mixtape called Angel 1. During her career, Charli XCX has collaborated with many big artists, such as Selena Gomez, James Blunt, Icona Pop, and Blondie. In Finland the artist has performed, for example, as an opening act for Katy Perry on Hartwall Arena. 

As announced two weeks ago, returning American group Paramore will also perform at Ruisrock. Having received several platinum records and Grammy nominations, the popular group will take the stage at Ruisrock on Sunday July 9th. After a four-year break, the new After Laughter album will be released on May 12th.

Finnish line-up is reinforced with Salaliitto, who has been called the masters of timeless stylish pop, Ruisrock’s honorary performer and Hanoi Rocks legend Michael Monroe, and Lihamyrsky Sound System. The super group’s members are Ruudolf, Musta Barbaari, PrinssiJusuf, and YouTuber comedians Seksikäs-Suklaa and Dosdela. Local color is added by three Turku Rock Academy bands: Avacia, Kodittomat, and Kirosäe.

Another interesting addition is Lapko’s singer Ville Malja’s and Jussi Matikainen’s new band Dallas Kalevala. The group describes themselves as “fierce subarctic pop music swimming naked between Iggy Pop and Justice on a summer night”. “After the sixth Lapko album I got a feeling that I have to rush into adventure on my own and start a new band. I asked Jussi to be my co-driver, we bought a pile of plane tickets, and now we are driving full speed into the sunrise with a crystal-clear vision on the windshield”, says Malja. The group’s first single is released on May 5th.


Ruis kiosk on Market Square opens again

May brings a familiar sight to Turku Market Square as Ruis kiosk takes its position on the corner of Yliopistonkatu and Aurakatu streets. The kiosk sells festival tickets and provides answers to questions about Ruisrock and tips for the festival.

Kiosk’s opening week will be celebrated May 3rd – 6th, and there is lots happening. There are ticket raffles, artisan pizza, circus, bands, and ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. During the opening hullabaloo, everyone buying a ticket from the kiosk receives a Ruisrock bag that includes festival products, Coca-Cola, Jymy ice cream made from organic milk from cows from Turku, and more. First hundred people buying a ticket will receive a Ruisrock drinking bottle, designed especially for the opening of Ruis kiosk.


Find a more detailed description on the opening week’s program and the kiosk’s opening hours here.


Check out the program released so far. 

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