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Super stars Mikael Gabriel and Isac Elliot recently released an EP together to the delight of the fans. To celebrate the release, the duo will come together for one exclusive show this summer. Mikael and Isac will perform on Ruisrock’s main stage on Friday July 7th.

“We have been working on this project for so long that it is more than cool to get the songs out so everyone can hear them. I think Isac has always been a super cool artist, and it really warms my heart that my longtime dream to work with Ikke is finally coming true. We hit it off the first time we met and now we have a joint project that allows us to do awesome things together. I am super proud of these songs!” Mikael Gabriel talks enthusiastically about his joint project with Isac.

Isac also has been a fan of Mikael for a while and is really excited that the duo’s plans finally became concrete.

“Me and Miklu have been friends for a long time and last fall we started talking about how it would be fun to do something together. Both of us have a busy schedule, but I am really happy that we made this happen. We had a good flow since the beginning, and instead of one single, we ended up making these three songs together. I will be abroad a lot this year so I wanted to release something special for my Finnish fans.” Isac says.