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Legendary group will play at Ruisrock on Sunday July 9 th One of the most remarkable Finnish bands of the nineties will make an impressive return to the stages after a 16-year break. Unique shows will take place at Finland’s three biggest festivals. In addition to Ruisrock the group will perform at Provinssi and Ilosaarirock.

The band with a distinctive sound was composed of a group of exceptional people. Later on, the members and lyricists of Ultra Bra have impacted Finnish music, theatre, politics, and science in a way that can be considered extraordinary. The group has often been requested to play comeback shows. When asked again last December, the group noticed that for the first time it might be possible.

“We have so many members in the band that every time someone has had an album in the making or something similar. This year the schedules of people matched and the decision came about quickly. Now is the time for us to really go singing at festivals.”, says composer Kerkko Koskinen.

When Ultra Bra quit in 2001 it had no heirs. Compared to the majority on radio stations today, the ensemble’s originality is emphasized. Perhaps for this reason the music of the group, who once was considered the voice of their generation, has been handed down from generation to generation. Ambitious arrangements, catchy melodies, and moving lyrics have not lost their enchantment but appeal to new music enthusiasts and lovers year after year.

Kerkko Koskinen finds this rewarding. Every year there is a group of new musicians asking him for sheet music for their performances.

“Of course the band and its music is important also for us. Ultra Bra was part of our youth too.”

Buy tickets for early bird price by 31 January from Tiketti, Lippu.fi or Ticketmaster.